Beautiful colour scheme based on your chosen venue
06 Mar 2018


Deciding on your colour scheme

I have a really design-led approach to weddings, and helping couples understand that picking your wedding palette is more than choosing your two favourite colours and incorporating them into every wedding detail is important to me as a wedding planner and stylist. If you’re having trouble nailing down your wedding hues, follow the five simple tips below.

  1. Location, location, location.

    Colour Scheme from venue

    Having a colour palette in mind when searching for a wedding venue will ultimately make your aesthetic look cleaner, more united, and can save you money. That way, you won’t have to spend more on décor to cover up potential clashes, and you can work on enhancing what you love about your venue. If you have chosen your venue already, you can work in reverse by incorporating colours found in your venue- or example, hues in curtains, or marbling in pillars.

  2. Nod to the season

    Seasonal Colour Scheme

    We all have colours that are reminiscent of a season, and you should work to bring these colours out. Autumn has stunning misty mornings, and fiery sunsets- so a sumptuous range of jewel tones (eg. emerald green, ruby red, lapis) are perfect for emphasising the elements. Similarly, if you have fond memories of a particular season because it is when you met, first went on holiday together, or when you said ‘yes!’, think of that when picking your colour scheme.

  3. Mood

    Colour can dramatically influence your mood and the tone of your wedding. Dark and moody palettes are perfect for formal weddings, while pastels are really nostalgic and have a calming influence. Think about the atmosphere you want to achieve, and which colours evoke these feelings for you.

  4. Colour Wheels are your best friend

    Color scheme flowers

    There are basic rules that need to be abided by in order to prevent your colour palette looking unsophisticated. A colour wheel can help you see which colours ‘fight’ each other, and which complement each other. It can also help you understand that neutrals don’t fight each other and help provide a bit of respite from a bright saturated colours, so should always be utilised.

  5. Take your swatch everywhere

    Once you have picked an accent colour, which will be a recurring theme in your wedding aesthetic- carry that swatch, or printed sample everywhere with you. I mean everywhere! You will find sources of inspiration when you’re out and about and having your exact shade and hue with you as a reference point will prevent you from having to imagine it and then it not quite going together when you collate everything.

colour pallette

Ultimately, have fun and think outside the box. When I sit down with my couples, we don’t follow this step-guide rigidly, we just keep these things in mind to encourage your vision to remain design-led, but full of your personality and personal story as a couple.

“Karen Mhende is a wedding planner and stylist at From Karen, with Love Events. Creating memorable, stress-free, design-focused weddings with a luxury flair.”

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