20 Feb 2018


Wedding Dress Shopping!

So… you have secured your venue and everything is organised there so that is one big worry off your mind.  What is your next step?  Yes it is now time to start… wait for it… WEDDING DRESS HUNTING!  Every little girls dream.  Yes you have seen the film Bride Wars and you have watched so many Say Yes To The Dress but now it is your turn to Say Yes To The Dress and get down to those wedding dress shops!  That day has finally arrived. The day that you have been waiting for.  So …


WHEN DO I START WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING?   How long before your wedding should you start to visit those wedding dress shops.  That is the question I often hear from many bride’s to be.  My answer usually is:  Each bride is different.  There is no hard and fast rule.  But obviously there are a few things you have to take into consideration.  So what are they?

SEARCHING FOR ‘THE ONE’    When is your wedding?  If your wedding is two years away would it be wrong to start wedding dress shopping?  That depends if your are prepared to buy then.  If you find ‘The One’ and you carry on wedding dress shopping you can start to second guess your decision.  That leads many bride’s to be to feel that they wish they had not gone shopping so early.  So if this is a decision you make what can help you not to fall into this trap.  My advice is:  Once you find ‘The One’ and you are in love do not go anywhere else.  Finish your wedding dress shopping.  That way you will not have to go through the torture of thinking you have got the wrong wedding dress.     So here are just a few pointers to help your wedding dress shopping be the fabulous, special and memorable time it should be:

  1. All too often I see on wedding sites that bride’s have three or four dresses that they have chosen then decided that they have seen one better.  Please be very careful if you choose to shop a couple of years before your wedding day if you think that this maybe a temptation. 
  2. What if your wedding is very soon.  Then of course do not leave it too long to begin your wedding dress shopping.  There are many bridal stores offering off the peg wedding dresses where you can take your dress home with you on the day. At Charlemagne’s Wedding Boutique the vast majority of my wedding dresses are off the peg.
  3. Please bear in mind that if you order your wedding dress from your local bridal boutique it can take six months or more to arrive.  So hopefully knowing that can help you to plan in advance.  It also gives you a real key to when you need to start wedding dress shopping.
  4. Do you have a very tight budget?  Then definitely look for the bridal shop sales. You can save so much money on sample dresses.  Also make sure you visit some local wedding fairs.  Many exhibitors offer exclusive discounts on the day and there are even competitions to win various wedding items.  Keep an eye on local events as some wedding venues even have a Win A Wedding! 
  5. Always keep in mind that most wedding dresses require alterations.  That cost is on top of the price of the dress so if you have a tight budget remember to include this.
  6. Another bit of advice I like to give my bride’s is to go shopping with an open mind; the dress you end up with might be totally different from what you imagined when you were dreaming as a little girl. Having an open mind means that you are willing to try something that you would not usually think would suit you. I cannot tell you how many times this has proved to be ‘The One’!
  7.  Of course it is important that you take supportive people with you but please try to keep the numbers low as it can get harder to take everyone’s feelings into consideration.. People usually have different styles and tastes and the more there are the more difficult it can be for you to make a decision.
  8. When you go dress shopping please remember to take some essentials with you.  It can get quite hot when you are trying different dresses on so it is advisable to carry water.  It is also handy to take along your camera, the same height of shoes that you will wear on your wedding day and definitely think about what underwear you will wear.
  9.  Do your research and have a fixed price in mind that you want to spend and be sure not to let any assistant talk you into buying a dress that is not the style that suits your body type and most importantly that is way over your budget.
  10.  Because of social media and television so many bride’s think they will have the CRY moment and that is when they know they will have found ‘The One’.  This definitely is true for some bride’s but do not worry if you do not have that.  It is so true that you will definitely know when you have found your dress whether that includes tears or not.
  11. Wedding dress shopping should be exciting, special, fun and as stress free as possible.  My hope is that this guide can help you to find your wedding dress shopping just that way.
  12. So you have said Yes To The Dress and you feel elated, excited and so happy that you have found your wedding dress.  This sets the scene for the rest of your wedding day planning.  So what is next.? Deciding On Your Colour Theme – Be sure to keep an eye on my website or social media for this article.

Tracy Charlemagne